Your Satisfaction is Our Goal


Our mission is to provide high-precision and reliable dimensional metrology solutions, offering cutting-edge services and equipment to meet the most demanding measurement needs of our clients. We are committed to ensuring quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in every project, thereby contributing to success and excellence in the industries we serve.

Measurement by Probe

In our company, we offer advanced metrology services using state-of-the-art articulated measuring arms. Our measuring arms can be positioned in various orientations and configurations, allowing us to access any area of the piece being measured with precision and reliability. Controlled by our expert operators, the probes make contact with the surface of the piece and record the three-dimensional coordinates of the points of interest that need to be evaluated. This technique, widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and machinery manufacturing, ensures meticulous inspection and reliable results. Trust us to obtain precise measurements and meet the most demanding quality standards.


We specialize in offering measurement services through scanning technology. With our advanced scanning equipment and expertise, we provide precise and efficient solutions for capturing detailed measurements of physical objects. Whether you need dimensional analysis, quality control, or reverse engineering, our scanning services deliver accurate data to meet your specific requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Our company offers specialized reverse engineering services through scanning, utilizing cutting-edge technology to accurately digitize and analyze physical components.

Measurement and Lay Out

Our Laser Tracker measurement and Layout service offers advanced solutions to ensure precision and efficiency at every step of the process. With our cutting-edge technology, we can perform three-dimensional measurements with exceptional accuracy and create detailed designs quickly and reliably.Whether for manufacturing, inspection, or process optimization, our highly skilled team and Laser Tracker guarantee outstanding results. Trust us to take your projects to the next level with precision and efficiemcy.

Measurement Equipment

The scanners use different technologies, such as laser, structured light, or photogrammetry, to obtain digital data that can then be used to perform measurements, inspections, and analysis in a virtual environment.


A laser tracker is a high-precision measurement device used in dimensional metrology to perform three-dimensional measurements of large objects with exceptional accuracy.


The device consists of a series of joints that allow the arm to move in different directions and angles, facilitating access to various areas of the piece being measured.

Articulate ARM

Dimensional Metrology

Dimensional metrology plays a crucial role both in the world of art and in industry, where precision and accuracy are paramount to success. In art, dimensional metrology is used to accurately measure the dimensions and shape of artworks, from sculptures to architectural structures, ensuring their authenticity and preservation over time. On the other hand, in industry, dimensional metrology is essential for manufacturing precise components and ensuring quality assurance in the production of goods. Whether in the creation of artworks or in the manufacturing of industrial products, dimensional metrology plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and excellence at every step of the process.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

“Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing” (GD&T) is a symbolic language used to define the geometric requirements of mechanical parts and assemblies. It employs standardized symbols, such as polygons, circles, lines, points, etc., along with modifiers, to specify the allowable variations in form, orientation, location, and profile of features on a part.